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Increasing Comfort & Convenience

Dentistry has come a long way in the last century alone, and while we think our team is warm and friendly and our office is relaxed and comfortable, we owe a lot to the ever-advancing field of technology. The implementation of the most up-to-date technologies and techniques allows us to provide safe treatments that deliver satisfaction, and not just because of the positive results, but because the treatments themselves are quicker and more precise.

As much as we enjoy spending time with you, we know you’ve got a busy life you’d like to get back to. We want to support you on your journey to better oral and overall health, so we’ll go to great lengths to make sure you’re pleased with each facet of your visits with us. From the ease of scheduling to the genuine care we convey, and of course, the revolutionary technology we utilize.

Technology helps us create customized treatment plans.

Get dental care that’s tailored for you.

Your teeth, your bite, even your gustatory receptor cells (the scientific name for taste buds) are yours and yours alone. Shouldn’t your dental care be, too? At Touchstone Dentistry, we work with and toward your needs and goals. Schedule a visit with your Dickinson and League City dentist, Dr. Kunjumon today!

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Digital X-Rays

X-rays show us what
we need to see.

We love digital radiography! Obtaining images of your mouth with digital x-rays is easy, safe, comfortable, and convenient. You can relax in the dental chair while we snap them, and when they come up on the screen (within just a couple of moments), we can go over the details (like the strength of your enamel and previous dental work and whether we see decay lurking) together. Another benefit to digital x-rays is that they reduce your exposure to radiation.

Intraoral Camera

Getting clear images
is a snap!

We know we said we love digital x-rays, but we love our intraoral cameras, too. Being able to take clear photos that can be magnified up to 25 times is so helpful when it comes to catching potential problems in their early stages and showing you what we see—things that would be harder to see with our eyes and a small dental mirror alone. The images taken by our intraoral camera create an accurate record of your mouth and with your diligence, your progress!


Is your dentist a Jedi, or just using a laser?

You’re probably expecting us to say we love our dental laser, and guess what? We do! Biolase® helps us eliminate the bacteria that cause gum disease, prepare teeth for fillings without the need for the dental drill, remove excess gum tissue without the need for scalpels and sutures, and even remove stains that reveal a bright, white smile in one visit! Lasers are precision instruments that work quickly, and because they’re gentle, anesthetic is rarely necessary.


Oral Cancer Screening
with OralID™

We’ll tone down the excitement a bit to discuss something serious. Oral cancer screenings have always been important, but with rates on the rise, they’ve become even more critical. We use an illumination device coupled with eyewear that can highlight potential abnormalities. If any areas in or around your mouth show as darker than the green color the light shines on healthy tissue, we’ll recommend a biopsy to test cells for benign, premalignant, or malignant status.

Painless Injections

Is there such a thing
as painless injections?

We know those don’t seem like words that should go together, but we can show you why it’s not an oxymoron! With topical anesthetic, we can make sure you won’t feel anything unpleasant while you get the treatment you need. The assistance of our clear imaging combined with extensive training and experience help us administer anesthetic with precision, and we’ll keep checking in with you throughout your care to ensure you’re still comfortable.


Upgrade your
home care routine.

Back to what we love—celebrating successful preventive measures with our dental family! We carry Oral-B®, Periosciences®, and WaterPik® products in our office because they’ve been proven to help fight bacteria that cause gum disease and acid erosion that causes cavities. We’re happy to guide you on the proper ways to brush and floss (with the string or water flosser), and we look forward to showing you how it’s all working when you visit us.

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