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Smile Maintenance, Treatment & Enhancement

At Touchstone Dentistry, we aim to meet the dental needs of you and your family, from the basic to the more complex, in the same comfortable, familiar location. Whether the youngest one in your family is ready to be introduced to the dentist and you want their first experience to be gentle and stress-free, you need routine exams and cleanings, or you’re in need of tooth repair or replacement, we’re happy to care for you. We also provide cosmetic and orthodontic treatments to increase your smile confidence!

When you’re in our care, your comfort, results, and satisfaction are our top priorities. We use advanced technology for precise treatment planning, and we offer flexible payment options so there’s no barrier between you and the care you deserve. You can cozy up with a pillow and blanket and focus on the ceiling TV so that before you know it, your treatment is complete!

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If there’s something you feel would make your visits even more pleasant, we’d love to know. We take your feedback seriously and look forward to making you feel welcome in your Dickinson and League City dental home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kunjumon.

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General Dentistry

The word routine might lead you to believe we’re discussing something mundane, but maintaining the health of your smile lets you focus on the things you enjoy in life and can prevent you from needing extensive dental work later. We’re happy to share effective hygiene tips, recommend products that make your regimens simpler, get your smile gleaming with a thorough cleaning, and screen for oral cancer. These are the building blocks to the peace of mind you deserve!

Maybe your smile has seen better days, or you’ve always struggled to fight decay or oral infection—whatever problems you’re facing, we can offer personalized solutions and bring back the function of your teeth and your confidence in their appearance. Catching problems early can mean simpler solutions, but don’t fret if you’re in need of more complex treatment planning. We can place crowns and bridges, restore implants, craft dentures, and perform root canals.

We offer cosmetic treatment options that can improve the appearance of your smile and the way you feel about it. If your teeth are showing signs of aging via staining, something that can be made more obvious by our favorite habits (coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco especially), we can give it a more youthful appearance through effective teeth whitening. Bonding can also help brighten your teeth while smoothing chips and creating a more symmetrical smile.

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Straight teeth have undeniable cosmetic appeal, don’t they? What’s less universally known is that straight teeth can make for a happier temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and an easier time avoiding decay and gum disease. This is because a properly aligned bite doesn’t have trouble chewing food or allowing normal speech patterns, and food debris and plaque have a harder time building up without crevices to hide in. We can help you align and shine!

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

If you or a loved one have suffered a dental injury, it’s important to act fast. Emergency rooms aren’t equipped to deal with dental emergencies, but Dr. Kunjumon is on-call after hours. It’s important to know that dental emergencies aren’t limited to cracked, broken, or knocked out teeth, or injuries to the soft and hard tissues that include blood loss. Symptoms like swelling, pain, and an abscess need prompt treatment, too. Referring to this Dental Emergency Guide can help you handle the situation until you reach us.

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We utilize advanced technology to make your treatments more convenient, comfortable, and your results more satisfying. We take the time to listen to you and hear your goals, and we promise we’ll never recommend services we don’t feel are in your best interests. There are numerous excellent reasons to join our dental family—come find out for yourself!


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