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Restore Your Oral Health & Confidence

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of dental infections or injuries, you know it’s more than physical. Your emotional wellbeing also suffers when your oral health isn’t optimal. You can’t enjoy food the way you used to, your speech patterns may change, you’ll likely feel much less confident when smiling—and these are the earlier, more noticeable effects. Unfortunately, oral infections can spread, not just deeper into your teeth and gums, but throughout your body.

Our goal is always to help you prevent problems or catch them in the earliest phase possible, but we know life happens. Whether it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist, you’ve cracked a tooth on a popcorn kernel, or you’ve struggled to keep up on your oral hygiene routines—we understand, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and we can help repair your smile and quality of life.

Put yourself in good hands.

You deserve oral health care that will put you at ease, a dentist that will explain your options thoroughly, and results that make you feel confident. You’ll find these qualities when you visit your League City and Dickinson dentist, Dr. Agee Kunjumon of Touchstone Dentistry.

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Stop tooth decay
in its tracks.

Tooth decay, caries, and cavities are words that describe the same thing: the process of demineralization of your tooth enamel that may reach the inner layers of your tooth or teeth. This causes sensitivity and can lead to cracking, breaking teeth, and infection that requires root canal therapy or extraction—things we want to help you avoid! If the decay isn’t too extensive, we can restore your tooth with BPA-free composite resin fillings that blend in with your smile!

Crown Lengthening

Let’s work with
what you’ve got.

If you have one or more teeth that have suffered from cavities or an infection and taken more of your healthy tooth structure than a filling can restore, crown lengthening may be a solution that allows you to keep your natural tooth root in place. By removing a bit of gum tissue, we can expose more of your tooth in order to firmly secure a restoration. Crown lengthening can also be done in preparation for cosmetic procedures like bonding or veneer placement.

Dental Crown Graphic

Put a crown
on it!

The visible part of your tooth is called the crown, and if it gets overtaken by decay or an infection inside your tooth roots, replacing it will be essential for two reasons: to restore the form and function of your tooth and prevent permanent tooth loss. Our crowns are made of either porcelain or zirconia, which are both very durable materials that can be matched to their neighboring teeth. Impressions and x-rays will help us create a crown that feels every bit as natural as the rest of your teeth, too!

Dental Bridge Graphic

Bridge the gap to
get your smile back.

If you’re missing a tooth because of infection, decay, or injury, a dental bridge might be the treatment that gets you back to smiling, eating, and speaking confidently. We place traditional and implant-supported bridges made of the same durable and beautiful materials as our crowns. Your neighboring teeth may require preparation for the placement of crowns, which will be on either side of the artificial tooth that fills the gap. Implant-supported bridges have the advantage of replacing your tooth roots.

Tooth loss doesn’t
have to be permanent.

Did you know that over 36 million Americans are living without any of their natural teeth? Losing one tooth can be traumatic, and losing all of them? That can be downright devastating, but you don’t have to let the loss be permanent. We can design comfortable, natural-looking, modern dentures or partials for you. Whether you’re missing a couple of teeth or all of them, you deserve to have your ability to enjoy your favorite foods, smile, speak, and laugh confidently restored!


Fight infection and
prevent tooth loss.

Root canals, like crowns, name the part of your tooth that needs care. Your root canals are located within your tooth, and if infection reaches them, you’ll feel an immense amount of pain and be at risk of the infection spreading throughout your body. Root canals, also known as pulp therapy, are procedures that remove infection and sterilize your chamber; they end with the placement of a crown to restore your tooth’s form and function and protect you from further infection and the loss of your tooth root.

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