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Waterlase® Dentistry

No shot. No drill. No fear.

Does the sound of a dentist’s drill send chills up your spine? Have you avoided having dental work done because the thought of having your tooth drilled scare you? At your League City dental office, we offer Waterlase, a safer and gentler alternative to traditional drilling that will have your teeth feeling better than ever!

Waterlase dentistry uses a laser and water spray to complete dental procedures such as cavity prep. Because our teeth are partially composed of water, the laser’s continuous spray of water is able to excite the water molecules of the teeth and cut through tissue, making cavity prep a breeze. The water keeps the tooth and tissue hydrated, meaning the procedures are often virtually pain free!

Dr. Kunjumon uses the Waterlase hard tissue laser to gently prepare teeth for fillings. The gentle but precise laser cavity prep means that many patients don’t need any form of anesthesia, so patients spend less time in the dental chair and are back to their day before they know it.

Waterlase Dental Technology at Dickinson TX Dentistry

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Procedures are virtually painless due to no drilling and no heat, vibration, or pressure being generated. Many fillings can be placed with fewer shots and less need for anesthesia.
  • More of the natural tooth structure can be left intact.
  • Damage to to healthy portions of teeth is minimized – drilling can sometimes lead to hairline cracks and fractures that cause future dental problems.
  • Because of less need for shots and anesthesia, cavity prep can be done in a single visit at Touchstone Dentistry – no need for multiple or long appointments or visits to specialists.

Ready to see how Waterlase can help you?

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