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Avoid These Teeth Whitening Mistakes

League City TX Cosmetic Dentistry TreatmentsTo some extent, we all care what we look like. You brush your hair and get dressed before you leave the house, don’t you? If you are also concerned with other areas of your appearance, it is not uncommon to try different methods for achieving your overall goals. When one of those goals is to have a whiter, brighter smile, it is important to take caution. Millions of Americans purchase and use at-home teeth whitening products each year because they want to achieve results at a better value. However, many people find that they actually end up spending more time and more money trying to achieve unattainable results with at-home whitening treatments. Along with not achieving their desired results, many people are also harming their smiles. Continue reading

Are You At Risk For Oral Cancer?

Dickinson TX DentistAre you one of the millions of people who avoid the doctor or dentist out of fear that you will receive bad news? Do you know that fearing bad news will not increase nor decrease your chance of a health problem? Yet, putting off necessary dental and doctor visits can put you at a much higher risk that you will miss the first signs of a serious condition – thus increasing your odds of eventually receiving bad news. Continue reading

How Diabetes Affects Oral Health

League City TX DentistPeople who are living with diabetes have fluctuations in blood sugar levels which puts them at greater risk of developing serious dental problems. Elevated sugar levels are linked to infection and a serious gum disease called periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease takes root when harmful bacteria congregate in the mouth. The bacteria cause plaque to develop. Plaque buildup becomes tartar and settles at the gum line on the teeth. Your mouth responds by developing an infection that causes irritation and inflammation. Gums swell, chewing can be painful, bleeding may occur, and teeth can loosen and be lost when gum disease goes untreated. Continue reading

The Importance of Fluoride as Part of Your Comprehensive Oral Care

Dickinson TX Family DentistMany people wonder if fluoride treatments are a necessary part of their oral routine. Fluoride is found in our city water supply and is included in most brands of toothpaste, so it may seem that you are getting an adequate supply to keep your teeth protected. Professional treatments are optional, but we recommend them to all of our patients for a variety of important reasons. Here are a few of the standouts: Continue reading

Make Dental Visits a Priority

League City TX DentistMost people do not like going to the doctor, and many people will also admit that they do not enjoy going to the dentist. Yet, neither of these negate the fact that you should visit both the dentist and your primary care physician on a regular basis. Just as you must choose healthy foods in your diet and make the choice to exercise on a regular basis, you must also choose to make dental visits a priority. No one else can make you visit the dentist. Continue reading

Gum Disease and Pregnancy

Dickinson TX General Dentist near League CityFew times in a woman’s life are more life-altering than pregnancy. Aside from the weight gain and drastic expansion of the abdomen, growing another human is a miraculous event that is challenging to beat. During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through huge changes in order to support the life that is developing and growing inside of her. A pregnant woman’s blood supply will more than double during pregnancy, her breasts will grow and prepare for milk production, her respiratory system will rise to accommodate the extra demands for oxygen, and her hormones will fluctuate at drastic levels. It is the dramatic shifts in hormones that cause the need for diligence in oral care. Continue reading

Gum Recession

Dickinson TX Dentist in League CityWhether you give them much thought or not, your gum tissues perform a very important role in your mouth every single day. In fact, the health of your mouth is actually a great indicator of the health of your entire body. Any changes or signs of concern should be brought to your dentist’s attention so that s/he can evaluate your oral health and start early intervention if necessary. Gum recession is an issue that many people tend to wait too long to address simply because they mistakenly think that it is not a “big deal.” However, your gums play a vital role in your oral and general health, and gum recession that is ignored can become a serious condition. Continue reading

Developing a Good Dental Routine

Dickinson TX Family DentistYour teeth are highly important factors in your health. Without a proper set of teeth, you cannot chew or speak correctly – both of which are essential for everyday life. You only get one set of permanent teeth in your lifetime, so taking proper care of them is essential. The best way to care for your entire oral health is to develop a good dental routine that will help to protect your smile for life. As with all routines, a simple routine is best. Routines that are long, complicated, and difficult to implement will not last long; however, a simple routine that you can implement without much inconvenience is one that you are likely to follow. Continue reading

Qualified Cosmetic Dentistry

Dickinson TX DentistFinding your favorite grocery store, clothing store, or restaurant may not seem too difficult, but finding a qualified cosmetic dentist that you can trust is a different story. Any time you need to have “work” done to your mouth, it is extremely important that you find a qualified cosmetic dentist to trust with your smile. At Touchstone Dentistry, Dr. Agee Kunjumon is the name to trust in Dickinson, Texas. Your smile is one of your most personal features, and when you need to correct your smile or recreate a beautiful smile, Dr. Kunjumon and his entire staff are committed to providing the most exceptional dental care for enhancing your smile. Continue reading

Smoking: A Real Drag On Your Health

Dickinson TX DentistIt is no secret that smoking causes negative side effects on your body. People have been negatively affected for hundreds of years, and the medical documentation only grows each year. While many people know the health risks of smoking, they often forget to take into account the oral health issues associated with smoking.

The two biggest oral health concerns caused by tobacco use are periodontal disease and oral cancer. Both of these pose significant concerns on their own, but when mixed with tobacco use they can pose deadly results. Continue reading

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