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Smoking: A Real Drag On Your Health

Dickinson TX DentistIt is no secret that smoking causes negative side effects on your body. People have been negatively affected for hundreds of years, and the medical documentation only grows each year. While many people know the health risks of smoking, they often forget to take into account the oral health issues associated with smoking.

The two biggest oral health concerns caused by tobacco use are periodontal disease and oral cancer. Both of these pose significant concerns on their own, but when mixed with tobacco use they can pose deadly results. Continue reading

Does Chewing Gum Really Prevent Cavities?

Many people enjoy chewing gum. They like the taste of gum, and it is a habit that often gets them through stressful times of the day. Advertisements have encouraged gum chewing as a means of preventing cavities – but can this habit really have such a positive effect? The short answer is yes; however, it greatly depends on the type of gum that you chew. Sugar-free gum is a necessary option for those who want to gain benefit from chewing gum. Continue reading

Root Canal Therapy

League City TX Painless Root CanalsThe permanent teeth are meant to be just that: permanent. Yet, many people suffer from decay, infection, and injury that put their permanent teeth at risk. The teeth have an outer shell called tooth enamel that protects them from damage, yet this does not mean that they are invincible. The teeth are living features inside the human body that are prone to damage just like any other part of the body. If decay, cavities, infection, or trauma occurs that disrupts the inside of a tooth, root canal therapy is needed in order to save the tooth. Continue reading

Signs You Have A Cracked Tooth

Dickinson TX General DentistryA cracked tooth is considered to be a dental emergency due to the fact that it is often painful, and that it will lead to serious oral health issues if it is not treated effectively. However, even this emergency is not always as obvious as one would think. In fact, it is common for dental patients to come into the dentist’s office for a routine cleaning only to learn that they have a cracked tooth. While not all signs of a cracked tooth are obvious, there are certain signs that you need to pay attention to so that they can be addressed sooner rather than later. Continue reading

What is Plaque?

Touchstone Dentistry Plaque occurs throughout the body as a thick buildup that causes damage and does not allow certain aspects to function properly. Plaque buildup that occurs in the arteries does not allow blood to flow freely to the heart, causing significant issues to the body. Plaque buildup that occurs in the mouth leaves your entire oral health vulnerable to infection, decay, and disease. Dental plaque should never be overlooked, and it is surprisingly easy to control.
Continue reading

Your Diet and The Health of Your Smile

Touchstone DentistryYou know that your food choices affect your waistline and the numbers on the scale, but did you know that your diet has a direct impact on the health of your smile? If you have ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” then you know that making wise choices with your dietary options is beneficial. Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease, and it affects millions of adults in the United States – yet it is entirely preventable. Not only do your oral hygiene habits (flossing and brushing) affect the health of your smile, but your food choices also have a huge impact.

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