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Dentist for Kids in League City, Dickinson TX - Touchstone Dentistry

Kid-Friendly Dentistry in League City, TX

Quality dental care during childhood is important for a lifetime of healthy smiles, but it’s not always easy to get kids excited about going to the dentist. Dr. Kunjumon is a proud father to two young daughters, so he understands that children have their own unique needs for dental treatment and communication. He and our entire team take great care to make our League city dental office a fun and welcoming place for kids of all ages.

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Dickinson TX Pediatric Dentistry

Your Child’s Visit to Touchstone Dentistry

We’re on a mission to prove that dental visits don’t have to be scary for kids—in fact, they can even be fun! While you check in at our reception desk, your child can explore our play area filled with toys, books, and video games. Our treatment rooms are just as kid-friendly, with pillows and blankets to keep your child cozy and TVs on the ceiling to make dental checkups fly by. The best part? Kids get to pick a surprise from our treasure chest at the end of each visit! We want every child’s visits to Touchstone Dentistry to be positive and stress-free, because these experiences can shape a child’s attitude toward dentistry for many years to come.

Dentistry for Kids

Prevention is the foundation of comprehensive care, especially for children. Routine checkups and cleanings starting at your child’s first birthday are the best way for Dr. Kunjumon to catch problems like tooth decay and improper tooth eruption as early as possible. He will always address any issues with exceptional kindness, patience, and understanding.

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